Kasich 2020? Hip Gov raises questions during TV tour

John Kasich has been making a little TV tour lately, appearing on CNN’s “News Day” as well as “Late Night with Seth Meyers.” In the former appearance, Kasich divulged his open-mindedness to run for the presidency for a second time in a row in 2020. In the latter, we saw a “cool Kasich” with his attempt to seem laid back and appeal to those damn millennials everyone’s always complaining about.

“If my country called me and it was practical, I would have to very seriously think about it,” Kasich said Tuesday on CNN’s “News Day.” “But, right now, I’m not out there trying to create delegates in the states or anything like that. I don’t know what the future is going to bring. I want to be a voice to help our country come together, because that is when we are strongest … It’s in the hands of the Lord.”

Was this his first campaign speech or what?

But then on Seth Meyers…

“I’m sick of politics, aren’t you? I’m sick of politics, OK? Let’s look at a problem and fix it,” said Kasich as he skateboarded by wearing a beanie.

Just kidding, but he definitely flattered the younger crowd.

“The Gen Xers and the millennials, they are the hope of the future for our country,” Kasich said. “They’re comfortable with America’s role in the world, they don’t want all this conflict, they don’t want all the name-calling, they just want it to work. … They are committed to improving our country.”


Kaisch also appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” He’s in such high TV demand right now because he’s a Republican who’s not singing President Trump’s praises, reports The Dispatch.

Important note: Ohio taxpayers did not pay for Kasich’s travel expenses.


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