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Bring on the cheese, Bodega

Bring on the cheese, Bodega



The beloved hipster watering hole was a cheese-less wasteland following its renovation. After Bodega re-opened, the owners eliminated dollar grilled cheese night on Mondays, and the beanie-clad clientele were not pleased. Probably because they got tired of hearing all the complaints, Bodega is reinstating dollar grilled cheese night, just as it once was. “After awhile we just said ‘what the hell’ and decided to bring it back. We’re pretty excited because we miss the little guy ourselves,” Bodega co-owner Collin Castore said, according to Columbus Underground. The owners are hoping that the once nightmarish experience of serving up all those grilled cheese will be easier with their new walk up ordering window as opposed to the table service before.

Mark your calendars. Sept. 15, the cheese will be back.

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