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Coleman setting sights on fewer plastic bags

Coleman setting sights on fewer plastic bags



Mayor Michael Coleman is now joining the battle against plastic bags. While no plan is in place on what measure or to what extreme the city will go to in order to do that, it is an issue at hand for Columbus. According to the Dispatch, a spokesman has said the mayor is “resolved to do something with this issue.” The recycling initiative hasn’t really stuck and city officials are planning on discussing the issue with local businesses.

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Previously October 3, 2014
The end of plastic bags in Clintonville?

There’s change brewing in Clintonville for the ban of plastic bag in exchange for reusable cloth bags or paper bags which would probably be available for some sort of fee. The environmental concern is at the root of the movement for changed rules, with thousands of plastic bags turning up in water and flying out of landfills with one gust of wind.

Clintonville seems to want to follow in California’s steps after the state outlawed all plastic bags this week, becoming the first state to do so. Clintonville Area Commission plan to revisit the idea at next months meeting after tabling the topic at Thursday’s gathering.

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