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Meet baby Brody, a tiny mandrill born at the zoo

Meet baby Brody, a tiny mandrill born at the zoo



It’s the season of new faces at the Columbus Zoo. Brody, a baby mandrill was born last Friday and is healthy and walking on his own. He is the second baby for parents Mandisa and Doug and his name means brother. “Although the mandrill population in zoos was once stable, a lack of reproductive success has led to a decline over the last few years,” said Audra Meinelt, assistant curator of the Congo Expedition, NBC4 reported. “This birth will help the Species Survival Plan so zoo visitors can enjoy and learn about these animals well into the future.” The biggest threat for the animal is deforestation, and the mandrill is closely related to the baboon. They also are known for their expressive behavior and motion with expressions and gestures to other mandrills.

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