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The Atlantic shifts focus to Franklinton

The Atlantic shifts focus to Franklinton


An Atlantic writer came down to Columbus, and realized what a serious city the capital is. While most outsiders who visit Columbus gasp with surprise at the lively arts district, the skyscrapers (that really do exist in Ohio) and of course general a shout out to Jeni, “Remaking Columbus’s Most Downtrodden Neighborhood” shifts the focus away from what’s booming and toward Franklinton. While yes it might be the next arts district, right now it’s not and The Atlantic took note of that along with how close it is to downtown. Really Franklinton has the best view of the skyline.

“Just downhill and across the Scioto River from that prosperous, thriving, vibrant city center—not even a quarter-mile to the west—sits the most deprived and destitute part of town, a neighborhood known as Franklinton.”

Author John Tierney walked through the neighborhood’s history, from its designation to a flood area to the eventual stop in development. The area has been the mayor’s top priority though, and in September he told the Atlantic, “Within five years, you won’t recognize Franklinton.” Housing is being flipped and turned in the neighborhood now and residents are attempting to change the derogatory nickname the “Bottoms” to “The Franklinton Arts District.”

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