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Alternative Fashion Mob launching a Franklinton center

Alternative Fashion Mob launching a Franklinton center


Alternative Fashion Mob is planning to open an incubator space housed within Columbus Idea Foundry. The Franklinton-based space will house all the things a fashion designer could need from fabric for sale to sewing machines to a place to meet clients to a space for a photo shoot with models. “By providing this resource center, we hope to make it easier for local designers’ small businesses to flourish here in Columbus, and give them the support they need to STAY in Columbus, instead of migrating to New York or LA,” said Amee BellWanzo, Chief Marketer and Planner, Columbus Underground reported. The space will be dubbed FABRIC and the Franklinton location is mainly for the short term, and Alternative Fashion Mob plans to open up a more permanent space in their own location.

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