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Class of 2014: All Dogs

Class of 2014: All Dogs

Kevin J. Elliott

In a recent Facebook update, All Dogs posted an earnest shout-out to one of their high-school heroines, Juliana Hatfield. “Currently obsessed. How can we play a show with her?” it reads.

That, in essence, is indicative of the more traditional aesthetics All Dogs follow in a post-noise-pop Columbus landscape. They look back so adoringly towards the classics of “alternative nation,” and in the melodies of bands like the Lemonheads and Veruca Salt, that is hard for some of it not to rub off on their sound.

With an acute lack of pretention, a boho house-show pedigree, and that keen sense of nostalgia for the simpler days of indie rock, All Dogs already seemed poised to charge headlong into the spotlight afforded them. The last 12 months have been a whirlwind for the quartet – touring at a steady clip, being touted in the pages of Pitchfork, and opening for the likes of Waxahatchee and Iron and Wine – so much so that it’s difficult to pin them as a local band given their national presence. Maryn Jones, who leads All Dogs’ catchy blend of fragile, heart-on-sleeve lyrics and monstrous ‘90s-leaning riffs, is also a member of the very busy Saintseneca and newest addition, guitarist Nick Harris, is currently living in Philadelphia. It’s a juggling act that All Dogs seem to thrive upon, feeding that urgency into their honest, often times raw, approach. Expect even more of a sugar buzz in their second year of existence, as their highly anticipated full-length is in the works.

Members: Amanda Barley, Nick Harris, Maryn Jones, Jesse Wither

Noise of Choice: Sweet and Sour Alt-Rock



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