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Jeni’s splendidly cleans house

Jeni’s splendidly cleans house

614now Staff

Jenis1It’s spring cleaning for Jeni’s, after the company announced a massive recall and closing of its stores over Listeria concerns. And while we all bemoaned the loss of Jeni’s ice cream, there was also ALOT of applause for the company taking such a proactive approach on the health and safety of their customers. After testing found Listeria in a particular flavor batch (and suspecting other possibly contaminated batches), Jeni’s set about cleaning house. Two teams cleaned their production facility, and Jeni’s will conduct another Listeria swab-test before even considering a reopen. In a statement from the CEO:

“We will not reopen the production kitchen until we are emphatically sure it is clean of Listeria. Beyond that, we will not open the production kitchen until we know we have the proper new systems in place to ensure this problem is never repeated. To that end, we are retaining an expert who will spend next week with us implementing new procedures for how our production kitchen operates and for instituting post-production testing protocols.”

So you might have to wait a little longer for that Jeni’s. But at least you’re not alone, as several national media outlets covered the recall. (deb)

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