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Columbus Police close 40-year old murder case

Columbus Police close 40-year old murder case

614now Staff

81870569_1396964847In August of 1975, the body of 14-year old Cristie Mullins was found beaten to death in a wooded area behind the Graceland Shopping Center.

A developmentally-challenged man was accused in the case and that man confessed to the crime. When his mental state became an issue, his guilty plea was withdrawn and a jury acquitted him. That was in 1977. The case has remained open…and unsolved…ever since.

Last year, 10TV reported a story from a woman whose uncle (Henry Newell) lived near the crime scene in 1975. She says that her uncle…who had said that he found the body…told her many, many years ago that he had actually committed the crime. Newell died of cancer two years ago.

In speaking with the media on Friday in regards to the closing of the case, authorities say that if Newell were still alive, they have sufficient evidence to charge him with the crime.  (jj)

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