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Parking booths boldly go…

Parking booths boldly go…


…where no man has been for several years! Well, not exactly. Rather, five parking lot booths are becoming pieces of art. It’s all part of a recently launched public art program: Bold Booths, which has been working on turning five parking booths into dynamic and engaging pieces of public art.

The first of the booths is officially up in the Great Southern Hotel parking lot near the intersection of High and Main St. The booth, titled Coney Island, was designed by local architectural firm Blostein/Overly. And while the four other booths aren’t up yet, expect to see them installed by the end of this year. (deb)

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Previously July 18, 2014

Parking lots: The ugliest bit of downtown getting art

The great conundrum of downtown parking: there’s never enough and it’s always an eyesore. To brighten what is probably the ugliest part of downtown, parking lots are set to receive artwork. Bold Booths, a public art installation, creates parking lot booths with an art inspired look. Architects and designers have made the booths and the project has been curated by Malcolm Cochran, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Art at OSU.


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