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How Hard Is OSU Going to Beat Tulsa?

How Hard Is OSU Going to Beat Tulsa?

614now Staff

Another home game this weekend and this time it’s against the Tulsa Hurricanes, the first Buckeye/Hurricanes game ever, according to SB Nation.

Beating the Hurricanes won’t be as easy as beating BG, but the Buckeyes are expected to win this Saturday, especially with J.T. Barret, the Buckeye’s current shining star.

Tulsa will be sure to put up a good fight, since just last year Tulsa’s yards per game was 13th in the nation and they’re returning starting quarterback Dane Evans, who threw for over 4,300 yards, 25 touchdowns, and just eight picks.

According to SB Nation, Ohio State’s advantage lie in their offense and coaching, while Tulsa’s advantage lies in their offensive weaponry, but they’ll have to watch out. Tulsa’s play history dictates that they’re at their worst in their defense.

So, let’s make our bets on OSU beating Tulsa — it’ll probably happen, let’s just assume that and with it out of the way we can guess how hard they’re going to win.

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