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MMELO Dazzles with Beautiful Shop, Incredible Confections

MMELO Dazzles with Beautiful Shop, Incredible Confections

614now Staff

Tucked into the narrow side street of Vine, is Mmelo — a gorgeously bright confectionary shop that looks out onto the greater North Market area. They’re featured on the front cover of the newest issue of Stock & Barrel with a great feature by Kim Leddy.

Branded as “clean candy,” every bite is made with non-gmo, whole food, natural ingredients that can be pronounced by the average patron. Make sure to try the White Chocolate Splendor Bar with Candied Almonds, Dried Cranberries, Curry, Cocoa Nibs and the mystery of Black Salt. “I am on a mission to redeem white chocolate,” Laughed Allen, She celebrates full cocoa butter white chocolate and scoffs at the waxy, tasteless imitations that litter the landscape.

-Kim Leddy, Stock & Barrel No. 11

We had the lucky opportunity to record a live tour of the shop, including a taste test of their raspberry marshmallow that was made with real ingredients.


For more of Mmelo you can check out their facebook page or visit them at their Short North shop at 445 N. High Street, around the side on Vine St.


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