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North Market Blindsided by Pam’s Popcorn Closing

North Market Blindsided by Pam’s Popcorn Closing

614now Staff

What a bummer.  October 1st would have been Pam Tylka’s 11th anniversary for her business and now…it’s over…at least for The North Market.

“Huge surprise for us, we had received a press release that’s how we found out. On paper and financially it seemed to be going very well for her [at North Market.]” Rick Harrison, Executive Director of North Market, said.

“While popping will stop at North Market, I am currently looking for a new retail location.” Pam said in a press release.

Pam’s Popcorn is now on the list of merchants who’ve have left the North Market recently including, Bluescreek Farm Meats, Best of the Wurst, and Curds & Whey.

“Leaving the market is a difficult decision for me and my family. As a mother of four beautiful children, popcorn has been our family business. We have all put our blood, sweat and tears into this location and we have always treasured and have been honored to be amongst the best-in-class merchants at North Market. It truly breaks my heart but I am up against some demands from management that I simply cannot accommodate.”

According to Pam, she is up against a mandatory renovation of her space in order to renew her lease. A renovation that could cost over $10,000 and according to Pam, is not a viable option for the business.

Pam has also had some disagreements in regards to the extended hours and mandatory Mondays, as well as the new Sip & Stroll legislation that no longer fit Pam’s business model.

“We have to do what’s best for our city, and if that means extending hours then we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.” Rick said to us.

We are currently waiting on a response in regards to the $10,000 mandatory renovation from our contact.

Ultimately, Harrison said isn’t worried about finding a new vendor for Pam’s spot, “I’ve had no shortage of popcorn vendors calling me today. If I could find a great fresh merchant, that’s always my first choice.”



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