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New Booze Goofin’ – North Market Starting ‘Sip & Stroll’ So You Can Get Drunk and Shop

New Booze Goofin’ – North Market Starting ‘Sip & Stroll’ So You Can Get Drunk and Shop

614now Staff

Starting September 2, you can get drunk at North Market and buy a helluva lotta meat. Sounds like a great afternoon, right? Right?!

North Market announced their new partnership with Two Brothers Butcher Shoppe, a company that’s been butchering our dinners for decades, according to an article in Biz Journal.

The shop replaces Bluescreek Farm Meats which left in the spring in search of new business.

Two Brothers have a long standing history with Columbus and are now part of North Market’s constant initiative to grow and help expand local business. Butchering will be done onsite and will include a wide selection of ready-to-eat and take home items like deli meats and homemade meatloaf.

Maybe the more exciting news though, is the booze.

With the help of House Bill 37, the Biz Journal reports that not only can you ‘Sip and Stroll’ through North Market as you buy extremely expensive blueberries and sinfully delicious donuts, but the the bill eliminates the cap on how boozy your beer can be, so maybe we’ll be able to chug 14% IPAs on those leisurely North Market shopping sessions. The more drunk you get the more spices and cast iron skillets you’ll buy.

You’ll be able to purchase all your beer and wine from The Barrel & Bottle, before walking thirteen feet and drunkenly eating handfuls and handfuls of complementary pretzels and chips at Ca’John’s.


Photo via North Market


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