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There is a New Big Cheese at North Market

There is a New Big Cheese at North Market

614now Staff

Edited with current update of Black Radish Creamery launch. 


Thank cheesus, there’s a replacement for Curds & Whey via award winning Black Radish Creamery. They will taking over full operation after a couple weeks of cleaning and stocking. 

This small local business started in Alexandria, Ohio, and the makers of the type and quality of cheese and specialty products we’re used to are expertly trained. Brian Schlatter, head cheese monger and manager of North Market Cheese, came from a long family dairy tradition and studied at the Vermont Institute of Artisan Cheeses.

Owners John and Anne Reese said in a press release that they take pride and honor from being able to serve North Market customers well-raised and expertly treated ingredients, giving them an uncomplicated and delicious cheese experience.

“We are thrilled for this unique opportunity at North Market and look forward to carrying on the legacy of cheese this space has at the market,” said Anne.

Black Radish Creamery will be managing and providing for North Market Cheese until January where the location is set to be remodeled and officially named after BRC. The same stuff we’re used to seeing from Curds and Whey will still be available, but with BRC, we’ll be seeing some new BRC creations and dining options including charcuterie and cheese plates.

BRC hopes to open Oct. 1.


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