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We Ordered UberEats Columbus & It Was (Mostly) Painless

We Ordered UberEats Columbus & It Was (Mostly) Painless

614now Staff

UberEats Columbus earns a hearty B+

The app is easy to use, simple, and the prices are stellar. The delivery time was as promised through the app, about 25 minutes. We ordered from the Dos Hermanos, and as always, their food was impeccably delicious, packed in the North Market staple styrofoam boxes with a bit of wax paper to prevent dripping.

Yet, starting the whole process was a tad confusing and for our hangry digital managing editor, practically infuriating. The app is not accessible through the regular Uber app. This might’ve been completely obvious to experienced UberEats users, but we’re from Columbus and lived in the Uber stone age. [We found out during the process that the app is a completely new app, which was our fault.]

After downloading the app and inputting our information and credit card, a process that has long frustrated many a millennial, we tasked ourselves with looking at food porn quality pictures of our meal choices. That’s where we hit our major snag.

UberEats, on their general webpage, boasts a delivery time of 10 minutes with their instant delivery menu. That’s what we were most excited about — being able to stuff our faces with food in as little time as possible.

Unfortunately, UberEats Columbus does NOT have an instant delivery menu. In fact, less than half of their locations do. Not even the Big Apple has instant delivery. And can we talk about how UberEats chose to go out internationally four times before it even thought about Columbus? Rude.

After furiously cursing at our phone screens for a few minutes, we made our food choice and waited the excruciating 24 minutes to receive our food. The app notified us that our food had arrived and we met our delivery man at the front door.


According to our delivery guy, UberEats had had a soft two-day opening, so this was not his first day, though it sure looked like it since he was sweating, slightly out of breath, and was eyeing the door with a desperate ‘I have no time for this’ look. He was patient though and answered our questions with a smile.

We were most surprised to find that the price for the food, at least for Dos Hermanos, is the exact same as it is at their North Market location. Additionally there were no perceivable delivery or tip fees. Not to mention that we didn’t have to wait in line, or find a parking spot/pay to park. Good for our wallets and our stomachs.

All in all, our experience with UberEats Columbus was in general, pretty good and still infinitely better than Grub Hub, but there are still some questions left unanswered. Where is our instant delivery menu? How are the drivers being paid? And why, WHY, is Donatos delivering through UberEats? Don’t they have their own drivers? Only time will tell. Stay tuned as we hungrily investigate this tasty conundrum.

Written by Paola Santiago


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