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Gastropub Works to Improve Food & Bring New Jobs

Gastropub Works to Improve Food & Bring New Jobs

614now Staff

Clintonville’s Crest Gastropub is working with a team of other businesses to bring a food processing plant to Columbus, which will in turn improve healthy and affordable food accessibility around the area.

This initiative will help solve the issue of food access in food deserts, or areas where food store options are either limited or nonexistent, according to a Columbus Dispatch article. In food deserts, fresh food is hard to come buy, and hungry residents tend to choose convenience over healthy options.

“It’s easier for them to go a local store or bodega and buy mac and cheese, and hot dogs, and Doritos on a regular basis than it is to get to the grocery store,” said Franklin County Commissioner John O’Grady in the Dispatch article. O’Grady was part of a 2013 county policy that would better local food options.

The processing plant would be a regional supplier, and would also provide jobs, stimulating the local economy.


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