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Truckin’ Tuesdays: A Food Highlight on Explorers Club

Truckin’ Tuesdays: A Food Highlight on Explorers Club

614now Staff

We’re taking advantage of UberEats like no one’s business and today we ordered from Explorers Club. Whatever we thought we were going to be receiving wasn’t quite accurate to the pictures we saw on the UberEats app.

Our orders were modest, two tacos and a sandwich. To our delight, we received two giant tacos and a burger the size of our managing editor’s face (editor’s note: my face is not that big.) My experience with food trucks has never been awful, but I wasn’t expecting serving portions similar to Cheesecake Factory, where no matter how small your plate is you’ll still be eating it for a week. The food gods are merciful, as the entrees did not come with a side, so we did not force more than enough food into our monstrous faces.


We took almost synchronized bites into our food and both gave similar exclamations of ‘woah!’ with a stifled cough. If you’re into spicy food and clearing your nasal passages, Explores Club is where it’s at.

The tacos were generously piled with marinated, tender chicken and a forgiving, refreshing slaw to balance the heat. The sandwiched was heaped with expertly blackened, spiced pulled pork, a slaw, and uncharacteristically, a slice of gooey cheese. It’s only downfall? “the ‘underbun’ was, like, wet,” as our managing editor so eloquently put it.

Check it out in person or through delivery, it’s pretty damn good. Or don’t, we can’t tell you how to live your life.


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