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Columbus Startups on the Rise

Columbus Startups on the Rise

614now Staff

Thanks to Rev1 Ventures, seed-stage Columbus startups may start seeing new funding.

According to a Fortune article, Rev1 Ventures announced they have raised $22 million in funding, with investors including Nationwide, OSU, and Cardinal Health.

Tom Walker, CEO of Rev1 Ventures, said in the Fortune article that what attracted him to this new seed fund was the growth rate of the city compared to other  Midwestern cities, “We’re the fastest-growing city in the Midwest, and we’ve been generating some pretty interesting entrepreneurial ideas.”

Walker also said that Columbus has a large population of young professionals ranging from ages 22-35, so startups are flocking to be among like minded peers. He also talked about producing the fund so that it had a “backyard effect,” meaning it used local big business (the fourteen Fortune Five Hundred companies that call Columbus home) in order to grow the local startup community.

I think we deserve a big pat on the back for this, not only does Columbus excel in beer, football, and ice cream, but now we’re about to excel in startups too. That’s what I call a supportive community.


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