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Clinton V. Trump: Dawn of Unending Quinnipiac Polls

Clinton V. Trump: Dawn of Unending Quinnipiac Polls

614now Staff

We live in Ohio, so we’re used to being a highly contested swing-state so it should be no surprise to you that we’re going to have a million polls floating around in the next two months.

You’ve probably already started blocking cold call numbers from various pollers. It’s okay. This is our curse and our blessing. Every four years we end up at the center of the world political stage – we wound up mattering in the scheme of things.

Anyway! The latest polling data from Quinnipiac released yesterday shows that Clinton has pulled ahead of Trump in Ohio.


And although that is 100% in the margin of error, it is looking positive for Clinton’s camp, despite Trump’s pledge to stick around in Ohio until we, “get sick of him.”

Surprisingly the vibe is largely mixed for Clinton – According to the polling, 42% of people are voting for Clinton due to being pro-Clinton while 41% are simply anti-Trump.

On the flipside, only 29% of Trump supporters are pro-Trump versus the 54% that are just downright anti-Hillary.

This comes hot off the tails of Trump making two weeks of controversial comments directed at a Gold Star family, various Fire Departments and just yesterday a deeply controversial comment directed at Hillary herself.

Hillary herself has been relatively quiet, barely making any appearances or press conferences which has led to her own bit of controversy.

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