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Former NYT’s Nate Silver: Trump 20% More Likely to Win Ohio

Former NYT’s Nate Silver: Trump 20% More Likely to Win Ohio

614now Staff

[editor’s note] I made an error in the original title of this article— mislabeling Nate Silver’s  “percentage of winning” as actual polling points. This was my mistake and I’ve changed the article title to better represent the data therein.

According to Nate Silver’s Project FiveThirtyEight — Clinton only has a 39.1% chance of winning Ohio on Nov. 8th as it stands now.

These polls change frequently, and are in no way a sure-fire way to understand the political climate. Nate Silver’s polling is an aggregate of data and numbers from dozens and dozens of sources, so we urge that readers take Nate Silver’s words not as gospel but as one source among many.


Via FiveThirtyEight

This comes hot off the heels of two somewhat outrageous sounding stories: George H.W. Bush allegedly vowing his support to Hillary Clinton via a private facebook post from Former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Kathleen Kennedy (yes, those Kennedys) where she flat out said he’s voting for Hillary & Donald Trump Jr. comparing Syrian refugees to poisonous skittles.

CNN was able to grab a screenshot of the picture and posted it to their website.


For many reasons beyond the political deluge of muddying information, the Bush camp has neither confirmed nor denied these claims.

“The vote President Bush will cast as a private citizen in some 50 days will be just that: a private vote cast in some 50 days,” McGrath told CNN. “He is not commenting on the presidential race in the interim.”

We’re hedging our bets that the 92-year old Bush will likely not be voting for Trump, because his son, Jeb! has repeatedly denounced Trump (likely for ruining his Presidential chances and bullying him like they were in high school.)

So onto the skittles thing —Donald Trump Jr. posted a twitter message that pretty much compared Syrian refugees to a bowl of dangerous Skittles.

Well, Skittles parent company Wrigley Americas did not take kindly that their candy was being used to justify Trump’s political message and so they distanced themselves from the post with some terse words.

“Skittles are candy. Refugees are people. We don’t feel it’s an appropriate analogy,” Vice President of Corporate Affairs Denise Young said in the statement. “We will respectfully refrain from further commentary as anything we say could be misinterpreted as marketing.”

So there you have it, a quick update on our Presidential Candidates.


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