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Rob Portman Distances Himself from Trump Support After Endorsing Trump

Rob Portman Distances Himself from Trump Support After Endorsing Trump

614now Staff

Ohio is quickly becoming the state with the most rebellious and outspoken republicans. Governor John Kasich has already notoriously had his issues with Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, but now junior U.S. Senator Rob Portman has put Kasich’s support over Trump’s. When asked whose support means more, Portman responded with a snap.

“Yes. No one is more important than John Kasich in this campaign. I don’t think there’s any surrogate who is more effective … I talk about John Kasich on the campaign because it’s what we need to do in Washington D.C.” Portman said via the Dispatch.

Kasich’s refusal to support Trump has been an often talked about aspect of this election cycle. Citing Trump’s divisiveness, Kasich has opted to pour his energy into something he believes will be more beneficial to Ohio, the re-election of Rob Portman over former Gov. Ted Strickland.

To add to all the confusing elementary school, “do you like me or don’t you like me,” nonsense, Portman has endorsed Trump in lieu of Kasich’s refusal to do so. Ohio Democratic CHairman David Pepper had some issues with this, having said that Kasich showed some “real political courage” but “Rob Portman has been unable to show that same courage,” Pepper said. “The lesson Rob Portman should learn from John Kasich is … if you find some inner courage and step up, the voters respect that.”

Maybe Portman is trying to have his Trump Cake and eat it too.


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