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Trump Opens Ohio Headquarters in Columbus

Trump Opens Ohio Headquarters in Columbus

614now Staff
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Donald Trump wasn’t kidding when he said we’d be seeing a lot more of him.

He has officially opened his Ohio headquarters in Columbus, the main office on Bethel Road.  Two of the senior staffers will be Seth Unger, who worked for Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel and Clayton Henson, who has worked for Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted.

Trump plans to return to Ohio next monday, for a fundraiser in Canton. There’s also a Sept. 8th fundraiser in Cleveland. It all makes sense that Trump would dump this much time and energy into the swing state; no Republican has won the White House without it.

Trump’s campaign has been miniscule compared to Hillary’s. He opted out of fundraising during the primaries but has doubled back once he secured the GOP nomination.

This all comes off the heels of a GOP led activists that seeks to oust Trump from the presidential race.

These petitioners cite Trump’s low polling numbers and his recent feuds with a Gold Star family, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, and various city Fire Departments.

Whether this new main office will help Trump’s numbers remains to be seen, but the excitement at his base is there, one such field staffer from southwest Ohio has gone so far as to buy Trump lawn signs herself from his website after their shipment was never sent.

We’ll be bringing more information on Trump’s upcoming visits to Ohio when we get it.


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