Attempting the Legendary Slip N’ Fly

614now Staff
Originally in 1870 Magazine & 614, by Danny Hamen

I am atop a 70-foot wooden landing, the timbered horizon of Butler, Ohio set before me in full view, a scenic panorama flanked by low, rolling hills and a buffet of marshmallow clouds in my sights.

At my feet, I am confronted with steep, lubricated slide that finales into a goliath human takeoff ramp, shooting its victim 25 feet into the air and into an underground pool.

I can't swim. This is making me anxious.
I can’t swim. This is making me anxious.

The only guidelines I am given is to get a running start, dive headfirst, and to not look down once I am airborne, as it will cause me to careen forward and land on my face. As I make my way to edge of the structure, I look down with worry. Surely, no one has died on the Slip N’ Fly I remind myself, but goddamn a belly smacker sure seems painful…

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