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The Browns do something right, Ohio suing to keep Crew

The Browns do something right, Ohio suing to keep Crew

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Update: It looks like the Browns pulled through and will actually be a super helpful resource in saving Crew SC.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says the law passed when the Browns owner moved the team to Baltimore is grounds enough to take legal action to keep the Crew in Columbus.

“The Ohio attorney general’s office has reviewed the law passed after the Browns’ move. We believe the evidence will show that this law would apply to the Columbus Crew and Mapfre Stadium,” DeWine said in a statement, per The Dispatch.

Read the original story below to learn more about the law.

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12/06/2017: Everyone loves to hate the Cleveland Browns but we may be singing their praises if one local lawmaker can swing it.

Rep. Mike Duffey, R-Worthington, wants to use a state law passed when Art Modell moved the Browns to Baltimore as leverage to keep the Crew in Columbus.

“The fact is, the law is the law, and they’ve got to follow it just like everybody else,” said Duffey, per The Dispatch. “They’ve been jerks about everything they’ve done about it. If we want to purchase the team as a town, we’re afforded that right under state law.”

Back in 1996, a law saying no owner of a professional sports team in Ohio that benefits from facilities afforded by taxpayers and/or public assistance can relocate out of town unless the owner gives a six months notice and gives the local community an opportunity to purchase the team.

The Dispatch reports this law can be applied to Crew SC because it’s getting a deal on land leased from the state, the stadium is located on tax-exempt land, and the state forked over $5 million for parking upgrades in 2009.

Boom, Precourt.

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