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Columbus Commons: Hero of downtown or pesky rent raiser?

Columbus Commons: Hero of downtown or pesky rent raiser?

614now Staff

Earlier this month, explored the green space in Columbus’ downtown and how it played a big part in reviving the epicenter.

Before it was Columbus Commons, the area bound by High, 3rd, State, and Rich streets was home to a three-story mall called City Center. Like most do, the mall deteriorated as shoppers migrated to suburbs, according to Marketplace. By 2009, it was four stores short of a ghost town.

Also as large, abandoned buildings do, City Center became a hub of loiterers, crime, and other mischief. Former Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman told Marketplace that the place was really dragging down the area.

So, a nonprofit development corporation, Capital South, took hold of the place, knocked down the mall, and gave it a new identity—a green space.

But they couldn’t simply plant some grass and call it quits, Marketplace reports, they had to give it a draw so people would come.

That’s when the outdoor stage and cafe went up and events began being held there.

It was officially Columbus Commons and has roped in $400 million of private investments since 2011.

Overall, it seems Columbus Commons has had a positive impact on downtown Columbus however, critics feel all it has done is ramp up rents, making the area less affordable for people to live. According to Marketplace per Vogt Strategic Insights, rents have gone up 3 to 3.5 percent annually for several years.

What do you say, is the good of Columbus Commons outweighing the bad?


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