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3 best joints for Burger & Beer Week

3 best joints for Burger & Beer Week

614now Staff

We love burgers, we love beer, and we love alliterations so by default, we LOVE Burger & Beer Week!

For only $6, dozens of chefs around the city will be concocting tiering meat sandwiches at their respective restaurants.

But which of those restaurants has the best tiering meat sandwich?

Here are our top picks including the #1 burger chosen by YOU in the 2017 ColumBest vote.

#3 Pat & Gracie’s

138 Graceland Boulevard

The OG in American family dining. They claim their burgers are made the way they’re meant to be: hand patted and smash-cooked on a griddle.

#2 Bareburger

463 N High Street
4560 N High Street

C’mon, folks, anyone who has the confidence to put “burger” in the name of their restaurant has to know their way around some ground beef, condiments, and buns.

#1 The Thurman Cafe

183 Thurman Avenue

There’s a reason you wait multiple hours just to get a seat. Of all the foods in Columbus that deserve the rock star treatment, the Thurmanator is at the top of the list.

So there you have it, our top three. But the last thing we endorse is discrimination so we strongly advise you give every one of the restaurants a try….you know….just so you can reach a verdict for yourself.

(614)’s second annual Burger & Beer Week is chowing down September 25-30.

Read more about the [mostly] carnivorous event here.


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