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National Pancake Day Means Free Pancakes

National Pancake Day Means Free Pancakes

614now Staff

A “Pancake”

Today is National Pancake Day. For those that have never had a pancake (hillbilly crepes) before, they are disks of cooked dough that by themselves are pretty disgusting. Similar to waffles, but lacking the fun and excitement of syrup & butter “divots” — pancakes truly are disappointing in every aspect.

Infact, I’ll go out on a limb and say that the only reason people eat pancakes is because french toast requires slightly more effort — and french toast, as we all know, is a vastly superior breakfast item.

So if you’re still in the mood to eat a stack of soggy dough disks swimming in syrup and butter — you can for free today. Customers at Central Ohio International House of Pancakes restaurants can get a free short stack of the chain’s classic buttermilk pancakes. The offer is valid from 7am to 7pm on Tuesday, March 7.

There’s also a charity component to this because why not — customers can make a small donation for the Nationwide Children’s Hospital. IHOP has raised over $24 million through donations on National Pancake Day.

We’ve got eight locations in Central Ohio, so it shouldn’t be hard to find an IHOP around — I’m just left wondering why March 7th. Is today particularly pancake-y?


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