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Reagan Tokes Act hits the Statehouse floor

Reagan Tokes Act hits the Statehouse floor

614now Staff

Update: The Reagan Tokes Act has officially been introduced to the Ohio Statehouse. State Senators Kevin Bacon and Sean O’Brien along with State House of Representatives Kristin Boggs and Jim Hughes want a two-prong reform to ensure no one else has to suffer like Reagan and her family.

The first thing the bill calls for: the sentencing of violent offenders. The bill calls for set minimum and maximum sentences for those charged with upper level violent felonies. The changes would incentivize inmate reform and ensure that those who choose not to reform remain behind bars.

Visit NBC4i for more sentencing details.

The second thing the bill calls for: changes to electronic monitoring and re-entry policies. The Reagan Tokes Act would tighten up criteria for criminals so that people not equipped to rejoin society stay in prison. There would also be changes to how parole officers conduct their work.

NBC4i found that the load of parole officers has more than doubled since 2001; going from one officer managing 40 cases then, to managing about 82 cases now. The Act would make sure they have the support they need to properly manage their parolees.

Boggs, Hughes, Bacon, and O’Brien want to see this bill move swiftly so they’ve split the Act that will go through the Senate into two bills and put the Act in its entirety through the House at the same time. This way, it will be worked on at all times.

Visit NBC4i for the full scoop on the Reagan Tokes Act.

09/21/2017: “How in the hell is this guy able to commit six armed robberies while he’s on a GPS monitor, and could still be at large if he didn’t smoke a cigarette and leave a butt in this woman’s car?” Rep. Kristin Boggs, D-Columbus, told The Dispatch. She was referring to Brian Golsby, Reagan Tokes’ suspected murderer.

Golsby was not only linked to Tokes’ murder, but also six armed robberies in the German Village area, all while wearing a police-issued GPS tracker. Boggs is particularly unnerved by the fact that police weren’t led to Golsby via his tracker at all but by a cigarette butt left in Tokes’ vehicle.

Boggs along with Rep. Jim Hughes, R-UA, will team up to introduce legislation that will transform how violent criminals, like Reagan Toke’s suspected murderer Brian Golsby, are released from prison and tracked. It’ll be called the Reagan Tokes Act.

Visit The Dispatch for more info.


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