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Mandatory Cursive for Ohio Students is Stupid

Mandatory Cursive for Ohio Students is Stupid

614now Staff

Remember the last time you sat down with the ol’ quill and inkpot to delicately record the notes for your company’s strategy meeting? Or that time you perfectly rolled the double “r” in starry into a “y” all in classic script font without totally botching it?

Yeah, me neither — because no one writes in cursive anymore and it is for a good reason.

The above piece of technology is called a keyboard, a letter clicky, or a word slab.

You may be asking, why — why am I reading about cursive in the year 2017? Well! Rep. Andrew Brenner, R-Powell has introduced House Bill 58 which would make cursive lettering and handwriting a requirement in Ohio.

Finally, your children can interview for all of those calligraphy jobs that our generation missed out on. Huzzah! Below is the exact excerpt from HB 58. Enjoy.

(9) Handwriting instruction in kindergarten through fifth grade to ensure that students develop the ability to print letters and words legibly by third grade and to create readable documents using legible cursive handwriting by the end of fifth grade. – From House Bill 58

What do you think? Is cursive vital to the development of children? I learned cursive in elementary school and I honestly don’t even remember how “z” works in script.

Should they just teach typing and internet etiquette instead?


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