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Meet Municipal Court candidate: “You had sex, you got pregnant, own it”

Meet Municipal Court candidate: “You had sex, you got pregnant, own it”

614now Staff

After 12 years as clerk of the Franklin County Municipal Court, Lori M. Tyack will be challenged by a man named Aaron Schlabach on the ballot today.

The Dispatch reports that Schlabach, a 26-year-old Republican baker, says he can bring “fresh eyes, fresh perspective and a youthful energy” to the job.

Schlabach doesn’t have any governmental experience or legal training but that didn’t stop him from wearing his conviction on his sleeve about abortions in 2015. In the 7:37 minute Youtube video, Schlabach attempts to prove that by consenting to sex, women also consent to getting pregnant and therefore need to live with that consequence. He says if that isn’t true, then someone can “consent to murder” but not “consent to going to prison” or as he demonstrates, someone can consent to taking six shots of whiskey but not consent to getting drunk.

Here, just watch:

Here are a couple more things we drudged up about Schlabach:

“I am a techie, being a millennial I am always connected to tech, not only my cell phone but a smartwatch for ease of use and to make my day easier. As we move towards the future in this county it is important that we constantly update our tech in the government. Our offices are inefficient and wasteful, it is time we ended that. By welcoming the Municipal Clerks office into the 21st century, we can make it easier for all who have need to access the court office. I want government to be sleeker, faster, and, above all, cheaper” -Schlabach testimonial on Voters Guide


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