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Male suspect shoots at Muslim woman 13 times

Male suspect shoots at Muslim woman 13 times

614now Staff

Photo courtesy of NBC4i

Over the weekend, a man fired 13 shots at a Muslim woman and police are still on the hunt for him.

The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, was driving home from her workplace around 1pm Monday on Georgesville Road near Norton Road, reports NBC4i.

A pick-up truck heading the same direction slowed down quickly, forcing the woman to change lanes. The truck sped up so that the two vehicles were side-by-side and proceeded to fire 13 shots into her vehicle.

The victim was hit four times but managed to drive herself to a nearby hospital. She is in stable condition.

The suspect is described as a white male and was driving a full-sized navy pick-up truck, reports NBC4i.

CAIR has gotten involved and are pressuring authorities to investigate this unprovoked crime of violence against a Muslim woman.


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