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Serial groper says he feels he’s “pleasuring” victims

Serial groper says he feels he’s “pleasuring” victims

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Lonnie Sturdivant has been inappropriately touching women he doesn’t know for more than 30 years. He’ll be arrested, serve his prison sentence, get released, then re-offend almost immediately. He’s racked up more than 20 convictions.

Sturdivant’s latest victims were young women at a bar near OSU and in a Capital University library.

According to 10tv, here are some bits a conversation between Sturdivant and two Ohio State police officers from a year ago:

Officer: “What was that for?”

Sturdivant: “Sexual Imposition. That’s what I do. That’s all my charges, sexual imposition. Every one of them.”

Officer: “What do you do to get those charges?”

Sturdivant: “Inappropriately touch someone.”

Officer: “Because something’s obviously compelling you to do this.”

Sturdivant: “Something’s compelling me to do it, has been compelling me to do it, and it’s never been addressed. The ‘why’ I do anything and any of the things, is because I am totally just twisted.”

Sturdivant: “There’s nothing else that inspires me or motivates me to commit these sexual imposition charges, other than the fact that I’m at the time, based on my reaction and their reaction, feel like I’m pleasuring them. Like a sexual predator or a rapist, he wants women to be traumatized. He wants women to be worried. So when a woman turns around and gets upset, it just blows me away, like maybe I did it wrong.

He divulged to officers that his history of sexual impositions goes as far back as junior high or even elementary school. Sturdivant said his first sexual experience was in college and left him feeling humiliated, reports 10tv.

To his victims, he says this:

“It’s nothing personal. I don’t know you. You’re a perfect stranger, you’re as beautiful as you ever were. It’s just that the sickness within me, and you happened to be a victim of what I am going through with my sickness.”

Sturdivant does claim he wants to change his behavior but it is not clear whether or not he has followed through with offers of treatment over the years.

Groping is a misdemeanor so it carries a maximum possible sentence no matter how many times someone offends. But Ohio State Rep Jim Hughes has introduced a bill to change that which would double the sentence after a third conviction.

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