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Active shooter situation at Scioto HS, 18yo suspect arrested

Active shooter situation at Scioto HS, 18yo suspect arrested

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UPDATE: Suspect in active shooter incident at Columbus Scioto identified as 18-year-old student Adan Abdullahi. He is being charged with improperly discharging a firearm in a school safety zone, a second degree felony.

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09/08/2017 12:13pm: The suspect arrested was 18-years-old. That person claimed the ordeal stemmed from a gang-relation conflict, reports 10tv.

The students–totally around 100 in grades 6-12– were transferred to Linmoor Education Center but just a little bit ago, were taken back to the school to collect their belongings.

All the students attend the school to deal with social, behavioral, or emotional issues.

09/09/2017 9:13am: An active shooter situation at Columbus Scioto High School was reported at about 8:33am but police say they now have a suspect in custody.

No injuries have been reported

The arrest happened just before 9pm, reports NBC4i.

Columbus City School administrators says students and staff are safe, but are asking parents not to come to the school at this time. They are trying to come up with an alternative place for parents to retrieve their children.


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