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CPD officer’s gun taken for foul language used during arrest

CPD officer’s gun taken for foul language used during arrest

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During the arrest of a man in convenience store at the beginning of September, one of the arresting officers said some choice words that got him relieved of his duties.

The officer has been identified as Joseph Bogard.

Police Chief Kim Jacobs said the remarks caught on a body cam warranted the removal of his gun and badge until the CPD can investigate the incident more thoroughly.

According to WOSU, the Bogard said, “What did we tase him for? Why don’t we choke the f— life out of him?”

The video being investigated is that of Timothy Davis’ arrest. Cell phone video shot during the arrest shows officers kicking and punching Davis (watch video below).

Mayor Andrew Ginther supported Officer Jacob’s decision to put Officer Bogard on a time-out AKA desk duty.

“I have reviewed the body-worn camera video, and I am incredibly bothered by the words of the officer in question. I strongly support Chief Jacob’s decision to remove the officer from duty. This is unacceptable behavior for Columbus police officers – or any city employee – and cannot be tolerated. It goes against our community’s values. I appreciate Chief Jacob’s transparency, and her and swift action in this matter.”

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On September 1, Timothy Davis was arrested by plain clothes officers in a convenience store on the 1600 block of Livingston Avenue. Davis (31) had several warrants out for his arrest and is accused of assaulting a Columbus officer last year.

This is Davis after being arrested:

Video of the arrest shows officers kicking and punching Davis. WCBE reports that an officer tried using a taser multiple times but it was ineffective. And officers tried confiscating the video but the person recording refused.

Warning: Video contains violence, profanity, and nudity

Outrage has sparked in the community, many calling the arrest “police brutality,” reports NBC4i.

Many activists, including members of the People’s Justice Project, showed up to Monday’s City Council meeting to voice their concerns and demand a fair and transparent investigation. They want an explanation in seven days.

CPD Chief Kim Jacobs says they’ve been investigating the incident since it happened but still do not have everything they need and therefore will not be able to provide an explanation within seven days.

Nevertheless, many community members will attend next Monday’s meeting expecting answers about Davis’ arrest.

In addition to the claim that Davis assaulted a Columbus cop last year, he was charged with assaulting a Kentucky officer following a high-speed chase in March.


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