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Double sadness: Chinese lanterns coming down at local venue

Double sadness: Chinese lanterns coming down at local venue

614now Staff

What was once a place to have twice the amount of happy will soon be a lump of sadness.

After seven years, Double Happiness in the Brewery District will be closing its doors permanently.

Between running a business and raising a child, the owner, Yalan Papillons, has chosen to direct her efforts on the latter, reports The Dispatch.

Papillons featured in (614) Magazine in 2014

The dozens of Chinese lanterns, Buddha statues, and TVs that once played everything from shitty old movies to light porn will be packed away with all the weirdly awesome memories the venue hosted come November 25.

But before the kitsch is put to rest, Double Happiness will be sent out with some bangs.

The final shows will feature local hip-hop artist J. Rawls, a collection of past employees jamming with their bands, and rapper Sam Rothstein will give the final farewell performance on the 25.

The happiness you’ve given us the past seven years will be deeply missed.

Read more about the venue at The Dispatch.


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