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Fire Ball ride proved problematic prior to State Fair

Fire Ball ride proved problematic prior to State Fair

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Safety bulletins from the manufacturer of the Fire Ball (AKA Afterburner) ride reveal flaws with its design years before the Ohio State Fair tragedy.

The same ride that malfunctioned Wednesday, killing one and seriously wounding seven others, was under scrutinty two different times; one in 2007 for concerns about structural fatigue cracking the swinging arm and then again in 2009 for welding depreciation potential. Both bulletins from the manufacturer, KMG, called for immediate repairs to be done on affected rides.

KMG describes the Fire Ball-type ride as one that “has a long swinging arm, which swings up to 120° with a maximum height of 20 metres. At the bottom of the arm there is a rotating hub with 6 gondolas that offers seats to 24 persons. This revolves at a speed of 15 rpm.”

Amusements of America bought the ride from KMG to add it to its arsenal of traveling carnival thrills.

They issued this comment after the Ohio State Fair malfunction:

Read more about ABC 6’s findings here.


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