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Return of Ritzy’s is really testing our patience

Return of Ritzy’s is really testing our patience

614now Staff

If you’ve been salivating at the thought of shoestring fries, burgers, and ice cream, you may need a bib.

Due to the city of Columbus taking on a project at the intersection where the restaurant will be located, the highly anticipated return of G.D. Ritzy’s is being delayed.

Ritzy’s will be opening up at 4615 N. High Street which is on the corner of Garden Road and High Street—an intersection where the city will take 90-120 days to update the traffic lights.

Originally, the owner, Graydon Webb, wanted the place open by the end of this year but with the new construction going on, he doesn’t think it’s realistic.

It’s been since 1991 that we’ve had a Ritzy’s in Columbus so what’s a few more months of waiting, right?



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