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Chill Columbus, we’re not getting Amazon HQ

Chill Columbus, we’re not getting Amazon HQ

614now Staff

Columbus Business First reports that Columbus officials say our city is “in the running” for the location of Amazon’s second headquarters.


We may have placed a bid, pitching our talent and recruitment retention (CBF), and it’d be great if we were chosen…but we would not consider us in the running.

According to Moody’s analysis, there are at least 10 other cities ahead of us. At the top? Austin, TX, because of their diverse labor, cost of doing business, and quality of life, according to Atlanta is hanging right at the top with Austin, even surpassing the Texas city in Bloomberg.

Here are some other front runners including the economic incentives they offered in their bids (Columbus is remaining mum about whether or not their bid includes incentives):

  • New Jersey, $7 billion in potential credits
  • New York City made a proposal without incentives special for Amazon but probably will in the future
  • California is offering some $300 million in incentives

Whatever city gets the HQ2 —as they’re calling it—will get up to 50,000 jobs.


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