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Justin Timberlake Crowns Columbus As The Loudest Crowd

Justin Timberlake Crowns Columbus As The Loudest Crowd

614now Staff

Justin Timberlake came to Nationwide Arena last night for his “Man of the Woods” tour and after the show, he took to social media to make sure everyone knows that Columbus knows how to give a warm (and extremely loud) welcome.

And since J.T. is keeping information for the record, we are too. Here’s the last few cities he’s been through that just weren’t as good as Columbus. Sorry not sorry, other cities, all we know in Columbus is how to do things the best.


1.) Toronto

Ohio continues to beat Toronto in everything.

2.) Washington D.C.

Too many people in suits.

3.) Chicago

Maybe it was just a little too windy during the show.

4.) Boston

Everyone was too busy plotting excuses for when the Cavs come to town and ruin yet another season for Brad Stevens.

5.) Las Vegas

What happened in Vegas wasn’t nearly as good as Columbus.


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