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Trouble in Planet Oasis paradise: Development drama, name change

Trouble in Planet Oasis paradise: Development drama, name change

614now Staff

The development team behind the ambitious entertainment project planned for Delaware County has apparently gone through a breakup.

And with the dissolution of Blue Horseshoe Ventures also comes the termination of the name “Planet Oasis.”

So, we’re left wondering who will be moving forward with the unnamed, $2 billion, 350-acre complex on Routes 36/37 and Interstate 71?

According to information from The Dispatch, they both might be…?

David Glimcher, who has been the face of the project since its inception, seems to have parted ways with Tony and Alex Sekulovski, who founded Blue Horseshoe Ventures of New Albany in December 2017.

Watch Glimcher talk about Planet Oasis in the video below:


In a news release, the Sekulovskis of Blue Horseshoe Ventures said they had:

“entered into discussions with David Glimcher about the possibility of Mr. Glimcher becoming one of the owners in the development group. While these discussions were taking place, Mr. Glimcher provided some limited assistance to the company. Since the company and Mr. Glimcher were unable to reach agreement on the terms of him becoming an owner, the company is moving forward without him.”

However, according to information obtained by Columbus Business First, Glimcher and a guy named Lenni Male incorporated an entity called Blue Horseshoe Development LLC last month and say they are pursuing Planet Oasis.

Glimcher told The Dispatch that he has “retained counsel that’s dealing with the situation.”

Planet Oasis is to include an indoor water park, a wave park for surfing, an outdoor lake, skate park, ice rink, e-sports arena and a shooting range, as well as spaces for go-kart racing, indoor skydiving, rock climbing, a 200,000-square-foot entertainment center with movie theater, bowling alley, laser tag arena, arcade and a “uni-coaster,” a roller-coaster-type attraction reaching 150 to 200 feet and so, so, so much more.

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