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614MD: 9 fun diseases you never knew you had

614MD: 9 fun diseases you never knew you had

614now Staff

Isn’t self-diagnoses the best diagnoses? Fair, accurate, usually completely incorrect but hey, who said you have to go to medical school to be a doctor? Here are a few things you never knew you were suffering from according to 614now, Self-made MD

Primenesia: When you order so much Amazon Prime you don’t know what’s in the box

HotChickenitis: When the majority of your meals are from Hot Chicken Takeover

Clinomania: The excessive desire to stay in bed.

Pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism: Condition with symptoms similar to pseudohypoparathyroidism but not the characteristic abnormal levels of calcium and phosphorus.

Silk Yak Disease: Exactly what you think it is

Milk Jug Syndrome: When you carry around a milk jug filled with water and annoy ever person in the whole world

iHeartRadioesia: When you only listen to clear channel radio and don’t support local independent stations

6-1-No: When you live in Columbus but grew up elsewhere

6-1-4ever: A condition where you eat, sleep, breathe Columbus


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