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Daily Dose Of Cuteness: A Good Boy Was Saved By Great People

Daily Dose Of Cuteness: A Good Boy Was Saved By Great People

614now Staff

Gregory the beagle was a puppy on the Euthanasia List at the Franklin County Dog Shelter who’s days of frolicking in the grass and scaring off all the squirrels in the yard were coming to an end. The Good Boy was struggling with a positive diagnosis of heart worms.

But that was all before Joe Kirk came in and changed this four-legged friend’s life forever. Kirk came in for the save just two days before Gregory was set to be euthanatized, according to a report from Today. Joe, and his wife, Schenley, aren’t just some random heroes either—they run HOUND Rescue and Sanctuary which helps overlooked and unwanted dogs that are neglected.


Gregory must’ve been feeling extra happy, or he was aware of all the work Joe and Schenley do for pupperinos just like him. As Joe was cruising home with his new co-pilot, Gregory expressed his token of appreciation and Joe perfectly captured the moment while Schenley shared it on Facebook.

Though this happy moment is sure to bring a tear to your eyes, the road for Gregory isn’t over yet. To help fund Gregory’s heart worm treatment, send your donations to

Feature photo sourced from Schenley Hutson Kirk’s Facebook post.


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