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5 hot and local entrees to drown out winter

5 hot and local entrees to drown out winter

Aaron Wetli

Was the three-day holiday weekend weather rough on you? Did you get cabin fever and now need a reason to go out? Yeah, you and the rest of the Midwest. Don the Uber and your puffiest hat to venture out to one of these five locally owned establishments and indulge in the warmest comfort foods known to any man’s frozen lips.

Chicken-N-Noodles at Nancy’s

All hail the king. Located on High Street in Clintonville, Nancy’s has been cooking Columbus Comfort Food since 1968. Their signature dish is comprised of rich and creamy potatoes topped with piping hot chicken and noodles. A delicious side of green beans accompanies the dish along with the optional dinner rolls. Run, don’t walk to Nancy’s. Bonus points if you try their new Powell location.

Deep Dish at Meister’s

Located on Chambers Road in Grandview, Meister’s is a neighborhood gem and home to the rowdiest Browns’ Backers Bar in Central Ohio. Go simple and order the pepperoni deep dish. At around $20, it is a value laden, cheesy, meaty masterpiece. The kitchen does it the right way with a tiered baking system that takes 50 minutes of wait time when not busy, so order a drink, chill out and wait for your patience to be rewarded.

Pho Dac Viet at Pho Asian Noodle House and Grill

If you find yourself on ANY part of Lane Avenue, stop in to Pho Asian House and Grill, get a hot bowl of Pho and warm up! The Pho Dac Viet has meatballs, flank steak, and round steak. The noodles are plenty, the cilantro is fresh, and the sprouts do not get soggy. Support local with the $8 you have burning a hole in your pocket and give it to the good people at Pho Asian House and Grill.

The Pepper Burger at O’Reilly’s

Another Clintonville High Street institution, O’Reilly’s serves the best burgers inside of 270. All of the burgers are great, but the Pepper Burger takes the cake. Encrusted in pepper and topped with bacon and provolone, this masterpiece is spicy, huge and the perfect fix for your winter burger jones. Do yourself a favor and order sweet potato fries on the side.

Momos at Momo Ghar

For those not familiar, Momos are a Himalayan dumpling that can be filled with meat and/or vegetables. Momos are delicious, nutritious (probably not) and the perfect winter comfort food. They are served in broth and if no one is watching, you can easily house two 8-piece servings. Momo Ghar has two locations (North Market and Saraga Grocery at Northland) and both are staffed with friendly employees who know how to treat their customers.

There you have it – five dishes to get you through the next six weeks. Stay warm, eat local, and support your neighborhood!


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