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614 Donut Trail: Destination Donuts

614 Donut Trail: Destination Donuts

614now Staff

Destination Donuts

North Market, 59 Spruce Street Columbus

Cinnamon Roll: Sweet, authentic, plentiful cinnamon carved into the crevices of the swirling bread, topped with a yummy glaze and crunchy nuts. Hefty size and mouthwatering taste combo is oh-so satisfying.

Lemon Poppyseed Nibblers: A drier, more cakey inside with a zesty lemon exoskeleton, tied together with flavorful poppyseed. A sweet treat best enjoyed during a warm, sunny day (just be sure to check your teeth for those pesky black seeds afterwards).

Dueling Vanilla: Unbelievably doughy middle makes for a dense and satisfying bite. The vanilla glaze is very pleasant yet not overpowering. Your classic, but slightly upscale, glazed donut.

Editor’s pick!

Sorta Samoa’s: Another doughy base topped with rich chocolate frosting and a layer of shaved coconut. Chocolate flavor prevails overtop mild coconut flavor. Sweetness of caramel drizzle is the extra zip of sweet it needs!

Lemon Blueberry: Strong blueberry flavor cut by the fresh acidity of lemon. Great and nontraditional way to nab your sweet tooth.

Butterscotch & Smoked Sea Salt: Very savory, very smokey take on a donut. Butterscotch flavor presence but the smokey flavor is dominant. This surprising flavor is perfect for anyone overly sensitive to sweetness.


Cinnamon Toast: Course sugar and cinnamon topping reminiscent of the crunch of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. Great contrast to the soft and chewy donut.

Sprinkle: The classic sprinkled donut fave dressed up for adults. The sprinkles are quite Instagram-worthy but do little to contribute to flavor. The real money is in the dark chocolate, semi-sweet lather of icing atop the sweet ring.

White Chocolate Raspberry: This warm, bright tasting beauty is rich as hell. Pace yourself on this puppy!


Taste: 5 stars

Freshness: 5 stars

Instagram-ability: 5 stars

Bang for your buck: 4 stars

Creativity: 4 stars

Bonus category

Health consciousness (vegan options): 5 stars

Overall: 5 stars


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