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614 Donut Trail: Tupelo Donuts

614 Donut Trail: Tupelo Donuts

614now Staff

Tupelo Donuts

Kitchen: 2672 Billingsley Rd Columbus Ohio 43235

Follow the truck!

Brown Butter Hazelnut (old fashioned)

The brown butter topping is the same consistency and color as apple butter except with a bit of a crunch. Butter Hazelnut is warm tasting and the cake donut is crumbly. A tad dry for our liking.

Chocolate Cremeaux —Editor’s pick!

Chocolate creme epicenter tastes almost like ice cream! Not that billowy cream you’d typically find in a filled donut. Loved the soft yeasty dough, flakey glaze, and smooth center trio.

Old Fashioned

Drier take on an old fashion donut with hints of lemon. The outside is surprisingly crunchy and the buttery taste of the Brown Butter Hazelnut is present. Lighter flavor than the Brown Butter Hazelnut which is tasty. Perfect for those cakey fans.


Orange Cardamom Holes

They’re sweet, flavorful, soft, and oh-so pop-able.  With six to an order, these are a sweet treat to be shared under the warmth of the sun.

Creme Brulee

Here’s that billowy cream we mentioned earlier. The mouthful of cream was overwhelming but if you ration your bites to get equal parts cream and yeasty dough with a crunchy creme brulee coating, it’s a whole different story! A more fulfilling version of the traditional dessert.

Rosewater Almond

Call us crazy but this donut was reminiscent of a funnel cake! We were imaging ourselves strolling through the carnival games while chewing on this massive (ever eaten a donut as big as your head?) and mild glazed donut. Don’t be scared of the name, it tastes pretty much like a normal yeast donut but with a mature flare.


Taste: 5 stars

Freshness: 5 stars

Instagram-ability: 4.5 stars

Bang for your buck: 4 stars

Creativity: 5 stars

Overall: 4.5 stars


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