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Cali-based burger chain to slide in on White Castle’s turf

Cali-based burger chain to slide in on White Castle’s turf

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White Castle has all but cornered the slider market (Side note: What is it about sliders that has Americans so crazed? Do we feel better about eating five mini burgers than one regular sized one? Does the tiny bun and patty in our giant hands make us feel dominant? Is there a cute factor at play here? We digress…) but soon, they’ll have some tough competition.

California-based Burgerim is planning two central Ohio locations for its fast-casual gourmet burger chain—one in downtown at 121 S. High St and the other in the Reynoldsburg area at 6599 E. Broad St. The downtown location will open in March and have a full bar, the jury is still out on alcohol offerings at the latter which will open in April or May.

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The restaurant is best known for their build-your-own burger; three bun choices, four proteins available, six sauce options, and a spread of 12 toppings. The menu also includes classic sides like fries, onion rings, and shakes.

Will you stick with the old standby, White Castle, or spring for the new joint? 

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