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UPDATE: The Dube Confirms Closing, Plans To Return With Same Name

UPDATE: The Dube Confirms Closing, Plans To Return With Same Name

614now Staff

UPDATE: May 9, 11:37 p.m.

Uproar about the future of The Blue Danube came about after a Facebook post from The Dube mentioned it will be closing its doors on June 17. Comments and posts swirled social media filled with fears that the current Dube would take a turn towards the corporate side thus costing High Street another staple.

Steve Margetis and his family have owned the property the Dube resides on since the 1940s. Steve, restaurant owner and property manager of the Dube’s location, said while the current bar and restaurant will indeed close on Father’s Day, he plans on having the store revamped and refreshed much like the restaurant that originally opened decades ago still with its original name, The Blue Danube.


The Dube has been on High Street for 78 years, and though the revamp might cause the doors to close for an indefinite time period, this might not be the end of the Dube as it seems.

“I’m trying to protect my father’s investment,” Margetis said over a phone call.

Currently, The Blue Danube is a place to grab a drink with some friends, maybe munch down on some cheap food or all day breakfast, and most importantly, make memories, but it wasn’t always like this for this local bar. Making memories at The Dube is a tale as old as it’s time on High, but before the Dube became the Dube it is today, it was an upscale eatery offering menu options like Filet Mignon and features like a strolling violinist.

614Now will be updating this story as more accurate information becomes available.


The Blue Danube has called High Street home for the last 78 years after first opening its doors as a fine dining eatery in 1940. The restaurant has made transformations throughout its long running years in Columbus switching from a fine dining establishment to a local bar that also has a kitchen whipping up bites like BLTs or fried cauliflower. But after a post on Facebook on May 7, the Dube announced they will be closing its doors on June 17.


614Now reached out to both parties involved in this situation and will have more updates as they become clear, accurate, and available.


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