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Miracle on Gay St: Christmas pop-up cocktail bar open NOW

Miracle on Gay St: Christmas pop-up cocktail bar open NOW

614now Staff

Do you go crazy for Christmas? And looney for liquor?

If so, tune in real close because we’ve got just the ticket for you.

Miracle is a Christmas-themed pop-up cocktail bar that packs in as much holiday kitsch as humanly possible and the Columbus location is open NOW.

The Citizen’s Trust at 11 W Gay St is hosting the first-ever Columbus pop-up now through December 29.


Guests will enjoy over-the-top festive décor and holiday tunes that aim to create the ambiance of the best office party you’ve ever been too. 

But, when we say “over-the-top,” what we really mean is Miracle looks like Christmas got so excited to celebrate the season that it threw up all over—in the best way, of course.


The professionally-developed, seasonal cocktails like the Run Run Rudolph are served in holiday glassware Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4- 10pm, and Fridays and Saturday from 4- 11pm.

Miracle pops up at more than 80 locations around the globe, including in Cincinnati and Cleveland.

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