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New experimental donut lair opens in Dublin

New experimental donut lair opens in Dublin

614now Staff

A wise person once said, “Lets make some sweet dough, deep fry it, then cover it in goodies.” But later on, some other wise people said, “Why don’t we let people choose exactly what goodies they put on their sweet, deep fried dough?”

Then The Donut Experiment was born.

For the past few weeks, this new experimental donut lair has been allowing its customers to customize each and every donut down to the powdered sugar finish. First, patrons choose from six different icings. Then they must contemplate between 17 topping offerings. The combination possibilities are nearly endless; it’s a control freak’s dream and an indecisive person’s nightmare.

The Dublin Donut Experiment is located at 6780 Perimeter Loop Rd., Dublin—the only Ohio location!—and is open every day from 7am-5pm. 

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